Praise for AlliancePro Processing Corporation from happy customers

Mary is a highly proficient processor and does not take no or silence for an answer. Her work is appreciated.

Mark Brewer
Acceptance CApital Mortgage Corporation (branch NV 1004)

ACMC is so Lucky to have such an AWESOME Processor working for us. Not only is she efficient she has the patience of a Saint.

Mary Ann Krafcik
Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation (branch FL 1032)


Last Thursday I went by the Cryer's new home and helped them move some stuff around. Instead of going to the health club that night, I felt compelled to show these guys that we care and that we appreciate them and not just their business. I just want to say thank you for the manner in which handled the Cryer file. I am very proud of working with a professional like you. In the mist of working with very difficult people you stayed focused on the real objective. Thank you.


I just want to thank you for all of your support regarding the Cryer file, and not only this file, but your responsiveness to the branch. It does not go unnoticed. Gracias.

Robert Matos
Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation (branch IL 1008)

The lender was very challenging to work with and Melissa overcame every obstacle that they threw her way. Great job

David Jamison
Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation (branch MN 1011)

Margarita is Great! Please don't tell anyone else shes all mine!

Robert Kidd
Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation (branch IL 1007)

Shirley is one of the Best processors in AlliancePro! No matter the time zone difference between us (Honolulu/Hawaii and Nevada) she was and she is always there when I need her. On the top of all issues that needs to be solved during the loan closing process. Her years of experience and superior attitude make her outstanding loan processor and indispensable member of our team. It has been real pleasure to close another loan with Shirley and AlliancePro.

I and our clients love the opportunity to access www.Alliancepro.biz and to see the loan updates and pipeline 24/7. It's very convenient and efficient.

Ray Prosek
Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation (branch HI 1008)

Chris exceeds all expectations!

Debbie Caplan
Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation (branch ID 1004)

Shirley is absolutely fantastic, a great help!!

Kenneth Hedden
Acceptance Capital Mortgage Corporation (branch HI 1009)