AlliancePro Processing Corporation

Processing Team Benefits and Best Practices

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Our exclusive technology supports a national network of mortgage processors and loan originators through the communication platform provided by AlliancePro Processing Corporation. As a processor participating in this network you will receive the following benefits:

New Business:
New business is sourced for you through a national network of mortgage loan originators.

You're the Boss:
Take on as many files as you feel comfortable with, flexible hours and work out of your home office.

Enhanced Communications:
Our online conversation log provides the best of communication on each file from entry into the system through closing.

Document Binder:
The file document binder allows you to upload documents once in any order. With the click of a button, you choose how you want the documents stacked for submission to underwriting.

File Reminder:
Schedule your day in advance. You will be alerted regarding purchase and sale deadlines as well as lock expiration dates.

Best Practices

The processing and originator networks consist of professional and experienced entrepreneurs who are highly motivated to provide excellent customer service with reliable products, which will result in quick and compliant closings.

  • Be professional and punctual
  • Go above and beyond
  • Useful, factual messages in the conversation log
  • Coordinate with all parties
  • Communicate

It is critical to a successful and profitable originator/processor relationship that each party has a detailed conversation to establish expectations and how you will be working together as a team.